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Titus Antonius Gallus
From: Uxeldunum, Gallia Aquitania
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My Roman name is Titus Antonius Gallus, which is roughly my real name translated in Latin. I live in a small city in the middle of France, once Uxeldunum near Auaricum, destroyed by the legions of C. Iulius Caesar. I assume my ancestors were mostly from Gallic tribes.
I've always been interested in ancient religions, but I really started to pray during my late teenage years ; first, Babylonian, Greek and Egyptian Gods, before developing a deep faith in Ra and Ianus.
For a long time, I thought I was the last person on Earth to pray those Gods, then I fortunately found out I was wrong. Needless to say that I'm deeply honored to be part of this adventure, and eager to serve the great and ancient Goddess Flora.



One can find many useful information about Flora on the internet, that's why I will mainly talk about how I personally perceive Her and my duty as a Founder and Head of this Collegium.
Flora is the Goddess of flowers, gardens, spring, nature, youth, fertility, joy and carefree love. Her functions overlap to a lesser extent with many of other Gods like Ceres, Bacchus, Diana, Apollo and Uenus.
I want this Collegium to be a haven of peace, respect and pleasure. Everyone's welcome, especially young people, nature lovers and folks connected to the land.


Flowers, grain, honey, wine, rabbits, hares, goats and small birds.



"Old and young, men and women, dressed in colorful clothes, wreaths of flowers on their head, are laying in a circle around the campfire, joking and laughing. Suddenly, the loud sound of a horn. They look up at the priestess, eagerly waiting for the sacrifice and the start of the festivities."

— My vision of the ludi florales.

The games will be held from the night of April 27th to May 2nd.
Music, dances, offerings and games will be performed during the festival. All together to celebrate life, nature and the return of the spring.


Feel free to contact me to become a member of the Collegium Arae Florae or to join the priesthood of Flora.
More information here: Organization & positions.

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